Become an Affiliate for Our Courses

How Does It Work?

First – how does this work? Very simple – after becoming an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique link to the main page of the promoted course. You’ll then simply promote / drive traffic to that link and the system will track all of these new visitors. After someone buys, the system will automatically place the affiliate commission into your account.

What's the Commission?

The affiliate commission for each package is 25%. Simply put, when someone buys, for example, the “REST With Spring” Master Class – priced at $299, you’ll receive 74.75$ for the sale.

Who is This For?

Anyone with a strong audience in the Java ecosystem. 

More specifically, a focus on Spring would also naturally help, given the courses are centered around the Spring framework. 

That’s hopefully pretty specific, and pretty cool for developers in this space trying to monetize their site in a more intelligent way than just putting up ads.

How Does Traffic Convert?

If you’ve done any kind of marketing online, you know that different types of traffic convert in different ways. Here’s some basic data of how the main course page converts:

– Social (somewhat cold traffic) converts at about 2-3%. 

– Your own site (somewhat warmer traffic), at 3-4% 

–  and email (warm traffic) converts at about 5-8%


How Do I Actually Drive Traffic?

There are many ways to do that – here’s a few simple ones I used in the past: 

– Have a banner in the sidebar of your site (or wherever works visually) 

– Mention the course on social 

– Email your list about the course 

– Write a review post about the course As an affiliate, you’ll receive a media pack, containing several solid banner designs you can use, but feel free to create your own if you need to (or let me know what formats you need).

More Details About Tracking?

A bit more technically, the affiliate system (Teachable) uses a 30 day cookie that’s going to track the visitor when they go through that unique link. That means that even if the visitor closes the page and the comes back (within 30 days), the sale will be correctly tracked.


Get In Touch With Me

Alright, so if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for the course,