Java Weekly, Issue 474

Safe native memory management with Java, scaling DAO layer in Spring apps, releasing to maven central, REST glory, and window functions in MySQL!

Java Weekly, Issue 453

Collections performance, null key/values, CORS, state of JVM languages, tornadoVM, and key-range partitioning!

Java Weekly, Issue 441

Java GCs, Project Panama, Spring Data JDBC, multiset vs joins, structured concurrency, and HTTP/3.

Java Weekly, Issue 428

Reconsidering DTOs, Spring Shell, Cloud CVEs, technical debts, and how we found dirty pipe vulnerability!

Java Weekly, Issue 416

All about log4j RCE exploit, Spring Boot remedies for log4j, building native images in Quarkus, and a new AWS region in Jakarta.

Java Weekly, Issue 411

Bulk updates in Spring Data JPA, Java HTTP Clients, Hibernate Reactive, feature flags in Spring Boot, and non-root containers in K8S!

Java Weekly, Issue 384

Superior Java records, Kotlin 1.5, code examples in Javadoc, stream collector, Spring Cloud Gateway meets K8S, indexing JSON columns, and COIVD predictions!

Java Weekly, Issue 380

Microsoft’s OpenJDK, serializing records, rate-limiting with Spring, vector API, PodSecurityPolicy deprecation in K8S, and capturing two dimensions of time!

Java Weekly, Issue 376

On Java 16 and beyond: Records, Vector API, Unix domain sockets, UTF-8 everything, and Project Valhalla. Also, slow queries with Hibernate, and Kind over minikube!

Java Weekly, Issue 375

Deserialization events in JFR, more efficient G1, native images, Scala 3, pattern matching for primitives, merge join algorithm, and effective communication.

Java Weekly, Issue 327

A preview of Kubernetes support coming to Spring Boot 2.3, and a handful of Google Cloud tools to help you build and deploy Spring Boot microservices.