I just announced the new Spring 5 modules in REST With Spring:


Building cloud-ready applications have its own set of challenges. This series explores these challenges and of course, guides you through a full microservice implementation using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

>> Bootstrapping the Spring Cloud Application

Here, we’re building a base we can use for building more complex applications.

>> Spring Cloud Configuration

A quick intro to using a git repository as a storage for our project configuration.

>> Securing Spring Cloud Services

We now have a cloud application with security around our services. Using Zuul and Spring Session we can log users in only one service and propagate that authentication to our entire application.

>> Tracing Services with Zipkin

Zipkin can provide us with much-needed information on where requests are spending their time. This can help us determine where things are slowing down and indicate what areas of our application need improvement.

>> Spring Cloud – Adding Angular

See how easy it’s to integrate a single page app into the system.

>> Spring Cloud Netflix – Eureka

Here, we can see how to register a service and make it discoverable using Eureka.

>> Spring Cloud – Zookeeper

This time, Service Discovery using Zookeeper.

>> Spring Cloud Rest Client using Netflix Ribbon

Creating a Rest Client with Netflix Ribbon with examples of load-balancing and failure resiliency of an enhanced RestTemplate.

>> Spring Cloud Sleuth

See how we can trace requests within a single application use cases.


I just announced the new Spring 5 modules in REST With Spring: