REST with Spring Tutorial

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Building a REST API is not a trivial task – from the high level RESTful constraints down to the the nitty-gritty of making everything work and work well.

Spring has made REST a first class citizen back with the 3.0 release and the platform has been maturing in leaps and bounds since then. With the Spring 4.0 release, REST is now battle hardened and fully mature.

With this guide, my aim is to organize the mountains of information that are available on the subject and guide you through properly building an API.

The guide starts with the basics – bootstrapping the REST API, the Spring MVC Configuration, testing the live API.

It then dives into the more advanced areas of REST – HATEOAS and pagination, Error Handling and Security (Basic and Digest Authentication).

If Java is the Engine, then Spring is the Fuel

1. REST API Basics


2. REST API Advanced Topics


3. Test and Consume the API


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  • venkata


    there are 2 web services deployed on weblogic server, i want to call from A web services to B web services, how can we achieve this using spring , i tried to get the example, but only JMX can solve this one i got. Please guide me on this , its an urgent.

    • Eugen Paraschiv

      If you simply need to call a service from within another, and you cannot do it internally – you can use the RestTemplate (or any other Http client) – and do the call manually.