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Java Web Weekly, Issue 173
An interesting week focused on testing, Java 9 and Spring Boot.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 172
A rather quick review this week, but definitely full of interesting reads, starting with the impact of Java 9 on some tools to the performance of logging frameworks.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 171
A Kotlin heavy week, with some interesting testing and QA writeups in the mix. A good week overall.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 170
A quick review this week, with some very interesting writeups, from the deprecation of finalization in Java to a balanced way to look at the modularization of a system.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 169
A diverse week starting with Java 9, through a look at the Open-Closed principle and finishing up with a fantastic review of browser caching.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 168
Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week. Here we go… 1. Spring and Java >> Troubleshooting Memory Issues in[...]
Java Web Weekly, Issue 167
Lots of Spring releases this week, along with some solid Java 9 articles looking at what's coming (very soon) with that release. A diverse and solid week.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 166
The last milestone of Spring 5 before RCs, an exploration of removing the GC on the JVM and a new generation of tools built for microservices. Quite an interesting week.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 165
Upcoming Java 9 goodness, an ElasticSearch handy cheat-sheet and a cool example of evolving a mature framework. Good stuff all round this week.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 164
From signing a Spring Boot jar to a new multi-release jar feature in Java 9 - with a short stop to look at some solid habits developers should work on - a great week.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 163
Quite a full week in the Java ecosystem - starting with a hands-on guide on the upcoming module system, improvements to the new Time APIs and news about MicroProfile.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 162
Java 9 is starting to squash bugs, Spring Data gets a new release along with support for Cassandra 3 support and we're discussing the Elvis operator for Java.

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Hi! I'm Eugen and I am an engineer with a passion for Java, Spring, REST, TDD, and more recently producing great video.

I spend most of my time teaching, writing, curating this weekly review and wearing many other hats here on Baeldung.

Right now I’m working on REST With Spring.​

"I have been reading the weekly review here since March of 2014 and it's been a great way to keep up with all the new developments happening in the world of enterprise java without all the noise. It basically gives me the right amount of tech articles I need, all in one place.

It helps me to stay technically relevant and understand current trends in emerging java technologies and especially emerging architectural styles like CQRS, Event Sourcing, MicroServices, API design and tons of other tech topics - which inspires me to try some of these new things at work."

— Blaize D'Souza