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Java Weekly, Issue 190
Kotlin and Clojure are picking up steam, Gatling is definitely both cool and useful, and developers understanding the business is, as always, key. A good week.
Java Weekly, Issue 189
This week was focused on the functional paradigm that's making its way to both the Java and Spring ecosystem.
Java Weekly, Issue 188
A Spring 5 focused week for sure, but definitely some good writeups beyond the Spring ecosystem.
Java Weekly, Issue 187
This week was firing on all cylinders when it comes to new releases - the JDK, Spring, Hibernate and a number of other products good shiny new versions out.
Java Weekly, Issue 186
A solid, forward looking week, now that Java 9 is around the corner, but also looking back at some forgotten Java features, such as labels.
Java Weekly, Issue 185
A full week of interesting articles, from upcoming Java 9 features to Hibernate and testing microservices. A good week.
Java Weekly, Issue 184
Some interesting writeups this week, from deep-dives into the Stream API to the new JPA 2.2, Hibernate and the new Spring Boot Admin dashboard.
Java Weekly, Issue 183
An interesting Java Weekly, starting with the new Java 9 modularity vote (it passed), through Kotlin and technical debt in a project. A good week overall.
Java Weekly, Issue 182
A solid week, starting with a number of significant Spring milestones, the Servlet 4 spec (finally) and an interesting intro to Gatling.
Java Weekly, Issue 181
Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week. Here we go… 1. Spring and Java >> Cleaner Parameterized Tests With JUnit[...]
Java Web Weekly, Issue 180
New immutable collections in Java, a look at caching and CDNs, and a very interesting discussion about microservices and decomposition. Really solid week.
Java Web Weekly, Issue 179
Definitely some interesting writeups this week, all about building microservice architectures, managing an organization well as the CIO, and doing work on legacy code.

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Hi! I'm Eugen and I am an engineer with a passion for Java, Spring, REST, TDD, and more recently producing great video.

I spend most of my time teaching, writing, curating this weekly review and wearing many other hats here on Baeldung.

Right now I’m working on REST With Spring.​

"I have been reading the weekly review here since March of 2014 and it's been a great way to keep up with all the new developments happening in the world of enterprise java without all the noise. It basically gives me the right amount of tech articles I need, all in one place.

It helps me to stay technically relevant and understand current trends in emerging java technologies and especially emerging architectural styles like CQRS, Event Sourcing, MicroServices, API design and tons of other tech topics - which inspires me to try some of these new things at work."

— Blaize D'Souza

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