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Overview and Criteria

There are several “Top Java Blogs” pages out there – but also a lot of noise. Some of these blogs are abandoned with the last postin 2008, some have simply switched focused from Java to something else. Others are gone altogether.

This page is meant to an up to date view of the Java ecosystem.

In order for a blog/site to be listed, it needs to fit ALL of the following criteria:

  • Is Mostly About Java
  • Domain Authority > 25 (using the Open Site Explorer from Moz)
  • Alexa Rank < 1.000.000
  • Has Recent Activity (at least 10 relevant – Java – articles in the last 3 months)
  • More text than Ads on the page
  • Actually useful (in my view)

Top Java Websites (9 sites)

>> Javaworld

>> Java Code Geeks

>> InfoQ | Java

>> Javalobby

>> The Server Side

>> Jaxenter | Java

>> The Spring Blog

>> DeveloperWorks: Java technology

>> Voxxed


Top Java Developers Blogs (26 blogs)

>> Mkyong

>> Vogella | Java

>> Java Specialists Newsletter

>> Raible Designs | Java

>> Javarevisited

>> Java Papers | Java

>> Stephen Colebourne’s blog

>> ProgramCreek

>> Bozho’s tech blog

>> Miles to go 3.0 …

>> Baeldung // my site

>> Plumbr Blog

>> Takipi Blog | Java

>> jOOQ Blog | Java

>> Petri Kainulainen

>> NoBlogDefFound

>> Inspired by Actual Events

>> Vlad Mihalcea’s Blog

>> CodeFX

>> Thought on Java

>> A Java geek

>> Jenkov Tutorials

>> Antonio’s Blog | A blog mainly about Java

>> Adam Bien’s Weblog

 >> Vanilla #Java

 >> Java2S | Java

>> How to do in Java

>> Michael Simons’ Blog

If you want to suggest a site/blog – feel free to add it in the comments.

Of course, please make sure it adheres to the requirements first.

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  • jirkapinkas

    I would like to humbly suggest my website, which aggregates all of these websites and blogs: http://www.topjavablogs.com
    Also it’s open-source, so anybody can make their own custom online blog aggregator: https://github.com/jirkapinkas/java-blog-aggregator/tree/latest

    • Hi – thanks for the suggestion. I did consider the site, and it’s a helpful resource, but as far as I could tell, it doesn’t actually host any content itself. It’s in a way similar to the main dzone aggregator which isn’t included either for the same reason. Cheers,

  • Hayden Jones

    http://planetjdk.org/ is worth a look.

    • Thanks for the suggestion – yes, the site is sometimes useful, but it’s only an aggregator and doesn’t contain any original content. And for now, I am not including aggregators as much as possible. Cheers,

  • samberic

    Hey Eugen,
    Great list. Definitely going to be adding some of these to my reading list. I’ll chuck my site in there as well: http://www.corejavainterviewquestions.com. Bit more niche but been getting some good feedback.

    • Hey Sam – yeah, it’s a bit niche, but it looks interesting. I subscribed to your feed to keep track of it and it’s on the shortlist of sites to be added. I usually do consume for a bit before adding it though – a couple of weeks at least. Cheers,

  • Sathish Kannath

    voxxed.com should be there in the top java website list.

    • It’s quite new, but they are putting out some solid content – added. Thanks.

  • Hi Eugen,

    I would like to suggest my own blog at http://blog.codefx.org for the list. I’ve been writing since September and recently got some traction via reddit, which pushed my Alexa Rank to 4.900.000. I am mainly writing about Java.

    Thanks in advance
    Nicolai Parlog

    • Hey Nicolai – interesting blog – thanks for the recommendation. I’m adding it to my RSS feed to follow it for a bit before adding it. Cheers,

      • Thank you for your consideration. I would of course also be delighted if I make it into your weekly reviews.

        • I will definitely cover your new stuff – the Optional pieces are quite useful. Cheers.

          • Hey Nicolai – I’ve been reading your blog for a while now – you’re putting out very cool and detailed pieces. Just wanted to follow up here and let you know that I added the site to the list. Cheers,

    • Nicolai,
      is the site down?

      • Not that I am aware. I have been using it (on and off) since noon UTC and had no problems. Does it work now?

        • No. Its pretty odd, I’m getting pings back from blog.codefx.org but the browsers refuse to show it claiming it timed out?
          I logged into a server in the states and there I was able to see the site but from my machine its unreachable (located in Tel Aviv) odd…

  • Lokesh Gupta

    I would like to suggest my blog : http://howtodoinjava.com

  • Remove duplications and fix bad names http://rdafbn.blogspot.com 🙂

    • Hey Marco,
      Thanks for the submission, but it looks like the site has a bit more growing to do until it reaches the cut-off point I have listed on the page. Ping me when it meets the criteria and I’d be happy to take another look. Cheers,

  • Please, check mine too: http://www.yegor256.com 🙂

    • Hey Yegor – I do know (and follow) your work. And while I would be happy to add it to a more general list (when I make one), I’m not sure it fits here, reason being that it’s not exactly about Java. The way I see it, your writings are more opinion pieces about general management and architecture, that apply to a broader technical readership, and Java just happens to be involved as well. Nothing wrong with that of course – just not a Java focused site.
      Hope that makes sense. Cheers,

  • vivekvermani

    Please check mine and add if you feel its worthy of being in this list. Thanks.


    • Hey Vivek – as far as I can make out, I see a lot of documentation on the site (and some Q&A). I haven’t found any articles – so I’m not including it yet. If I missed a large portion of the site where the articles are – definitely let me know. Cheers,

      • vivekvermani

        Yeah it’s more inclined towards documentation and reference material and just have few articles. Still Thanks for looking at it. Regards, Vivek.

  • Ganesh Swamypillai

    I would like to suggest my blog: http://iotenthu.com

    • Hey Gansai – thanks for the submission, but it unfortunately doesn’t fit the criteria (the Alexa score is around 6.000.000). Definitely ping me when that changes. Cheers,

  • Please review and comment my blog http://www.instanceofjava.com

    • Hey – I’m going to consider it and wait for it to grow a bit, especially around the DA of the site (I just updated the criteria to reflect that as well). Cheers,

  • Hi. I suggest adding http://farenda.com – it has quite a few useful tutorials. Cheers!

    • Looks interesting, but unfortunately it doesn’t pass either of the 2 score requirements – Alexa or Domain Authority.

  • I didn’t post our blog in the past as it is a company blog and focuses on that: https://www.codenameone.com/blog/ however, reviewing the list I noticed other company blogs and a low number of blogs covering mobile Java.

    We did post some highly visible articles in the past and intend to do more of that once we get closer to releasing 3.4.

    • Hey Shai – the site looks interesting, but – at a surface look – it doesn’t seem to focused on Java. I’m sure there’s some Java stuff here and there, but scrolling through the homepage of titles, most of them didn’t read as they would involve Java at all.

      • It’s only about Java 😉

        Our product and full sources are in Java and for Java developers. E.g. latest blog post is about our rewrite of our IntellJ/IDEA plugin.

        We should probably write Java more but since we aren’t certified as a JVM the phrasing needs to be very delicate. We can’t say: “Codename is Java” because it isn’t legally. We can say things like “Write code in Java and run it on mobile using Codename One”.

        Being ex-Sun guys we got trained in walking that legal tightrope.

        • So, the first 5 articles I see are:
          New Windows Port
          Shape Clipping & Bubble Transition
          Weekly Release, Developer Guide & JavaScript Promotion End
          PSD to App Revisited
          Which, yes – I now see they’re focused on Java (although there’s literally nothing indicating that) – but I’m still not quite understanding the site. Is it about graphical processing in Java?

  • Bharat Savani

    I would like to suggest my blog: http://data-structure-learning.blogspot.com

    • Hey Bharat – have you checked the conditions right at the top of the page?

  • Hi! I would also like to suggest my blog: http://javapointers.com/ Thanks!

    • Looks like an interesting site, however, without trying to be rude or anything – this page clearly lists the criteria of being listed (and I’m assuming you haven’t read them).
      To be clear, the site has a DA of 10 and the minimum is 20.

  • Gautam Kumar
    • Hey Gautam – the site looks cool, but as far as I can see, it’s not actually a Java site. It’s a much broader site that happens to have a Java section.

  • Eugen,

    Can you look and review http://www.benchresources.net weblog

  • sipsoli

    Please take a look at the following blog: http://memorynotfound.com/
    It is exclusively focused on java.

    • It is focused on Java, yes, but that’s just one of the criteria. Unfortunately it doesn’t match the minimal domain authority.

  • Ryan Gabriel

    I would like to suggest few blog(s)/ sites I follow. I think they should be in this list. Please have a look at-

    • Hey Ryan,
      So, Thoughts on Java is a good suggestion, I thought it was already on the list (it wasn’t).
      The rest of theme don’t meet the criteria in one way or another.

  • Suggesting my blog: http://ivanursul.com

    • Well Ivan – like most other suggestions here, your site looks interesting but doesn’t meet the criteria. Cheers,

  • Michael Simons

    Hello Eugen,

    We’ve met at Spring I/O, where I spoke about Spring Boot Starters.

    I have a blog as well, focusing on Java, Spring and architecture.

    It should match the technical criteria and I hope you find it useful as well:


    And selected posts:

    And totally fresh, already got positive feedback:

    Thanks for having a look,
    Michael / @rotnroll666

    • Hey Michael,
      Cool site – I wasn’t aware of it.
      Sure, I missed your talk live so I watched it on Youtube when it came out – quite useful – it gave me several article ideas 🙂
      I included your site in the list.

      • Michael Simons

        Awesome, thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks for the submission. Let’s give this one a bit more time to mature – I’ll look at it again in a few months.

    • Still doesn’t match the criteria unfortunately. Please have a look at those before submitting.

  • KsCodes

    Hi Eugen,
    I would request you to please check my blog http://www.kscodes.com for the contents in Java and Spring MVC.
    Please see if it deserves a place in your list.

    • Well, the criteria is right at the top of the page. I am always wandering why nobody checks them themselves?

  • http://www.java-questions.com, this is my site, hopefully it matches your criteria 🙂

    • Hey Harshit,
      I really don’t mean to be negative here, but – did you check the criteria?
      These are numbers, so there’s no “hopefully” about it – it either matches or it doesn’t.
      So – the question is – does it?

  • Nevzat Akkaya

    Great list. Many thanks!

  • ManjeeraBhargavi

    Yours is one of the best sites quite useful to all categories of java aspirants..

    • Glad you’re finding the list useful Manjeera.

  • Tuna

    I would like to add one i.e. https://www.kodetalk.com . Which provides lots of technical question and answer and blogs.

    • Hey Tuna, unfortunately that’s not going to make the list. Cheers,

  • Hey Eugan, I would request you to review my blog,Although not calming top 20 or 30 just a review. http://javaonfly.blogspot.in … Want to know the feedback from Experienced blogger like you, any improvement comments is highly appreciable.

    • Hey Shamik,
      One quick piece of advice that will make a difference is – get your own domain. Blogspot isn’t a good way to go if you’re serious about your presence online.
      Best of luck and happy holidays. Cheers,

      • Thank Eugan ,but can you tell me why “my domain” is important and about the content of my blog is it enough to be a good blog? Please tell me the improvement areas and also the good point about my blog? Thanks in advance.


        • Well Shamik, this is a huge topic and there are entire sites out there dedicated to how to start, so I won’t be able to give you to much info in a single comment.
          That being said, having your own domain is, among other things, a sign of being serious about your site. Blogging on Blogspot or WordPress is fine when you don’t really know what you’re doing and just starting out, but it’s a good idea to move past that point quickly.
          As for other areas to improve – when you move to your own domain, you’ll naturally make design/readability improvements as well (because you won’t be running on blogspot). Feel free to email me at that point and I’ll be happy to have another look and give you more feedback. But – right now, that’s the first step.
          Hope that helps. Cheers,