The Baeldung Weekly Review 26

Java modularity is getting some attention this week, along with a very pragmatic alternative to the “Big Rewrite” of a software system – definitely a good week. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 25

Spring centric week with some good steps forward for the community – new Spring IO platform, moving to StackOverflow and a few solid webinar recordings. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 24

This has been quite a diverse week – we saw some Spring work on caching and Spring Data and some great testing articles dealing with fixtures and design. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 23

This week we discuss the HTTP/1.1 spec update (5 years in the works), some recordings and upcoming Spring webinars and clean testing. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 17

An solid week for both Java and Spring, as well as very good article (and followup) on building a Hypermedia service from the well known FizzBuzz interview problem. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 16

This week is all about series and Spring, as well as a back and forth about refactoring as waste and a good start for a set of generic acceptance criteria. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 15

The highlights of this week are some great Java 8 usage of lambdas and concurrency improvements, a few helpful Spring posts and a handful of fantastic articles in the “Musings” section. >>>

The Baeldung Weekly Review 13

This week is all about systems in production – starting with a couple of great articles about making sense of log files, real-time analytics and a pragmatic view on reporting. >>>